X-Carve Pro Instructions / 4x4 / Adjust Belt Tension (Z-Axis)

8. Adjust Belt Tension (Z-Axis)

During this step you will be adjusting the tension on the Z-axis to ensure that the machine performs appropriately.



  • 11mm open end wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • 7mm deep socket
  • 2.5mm allen key


  1. Remove Z-Axis Cover
    • Using a 2.5mm allen key, remove the 4 screws at the top of the Z-axis. Remove the plastic Z-axis cover and reserve screws.
  2. Tension Z-Axis Belt.
    • The belt for the Z-axis is shipped in a non-tensioned state due to fluctuations in temperature during shipping. Properly tensioning the belts will ensure that your X-Carve Pro performs appropriately and will increase the life of the belts.
    • Place the socket wrench w/ 7mm deep socket over the black nut connected to the eccentric spacer located between the 2 pulleys.
  • With your other hand, place the 11mm open end wrench on the nut located below the screw with the 7mm deep socket. Gently loosen the black nut with the 7mm deep socket while holding the nut securely with the 11mm open end wrench.

  • Once the screw is loose, turn the nut with the 11mm open end wrench clockwise until the belt is tight to 56N +/-10N (there should be a little give in the belt when you push on it with your finger). Once the belt is tight, continue holding the 11mm wrench and tighten the black nut with the 7mm deep socket.

    NOTE: Use the standard socket wrench for this operation and be sure not to over-tighten the nut. Over tightening may cause the captive screw to loose or damage the threads.

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